What is BDN CA-6 Combustion Analyser?

The world`s first compact internal combustion engine development system designed for OEMs, tuners, race teams, or enthusiast individuals. An F1 high-tech technology on an affordable price.

Have you ever wondered about

  • Speed up engine development
  • Decreased development cost
  • More precise knock detection
  • Maximised performance with increased safety and durability
  • Optimised engine power to efficiency ratio
  • Work with advanced technologies without complexities
BDN’s CA-6 now gives you the opportunity to make it all happen without blowing off your cost budget! Real state-of-the-art technology available to everyone!
£ 1,900 + VAT
combustion analyser
combustion analyser

The package includes:

  • BDN CA-6 Combustion Analyser
  • USB Cable
  • 37 Terminal Motorsport connector for the wiring loom (no need to return)
  • Engineering support and consultancy 
  • Free software with regular updates
  • Personalised product development based on your feedback


6 pressure transducer inputs:

Our analyser is compatible with piezoelectric and pre-conditioned sensors (Beru PSG, Optrand, Mazda), which you can use to measure cylinder or liner pressures as well

0.1° resolution

up to 12.000 RPM using oem trigger wheels

Knock detection:

Knock is not binary, it always exists. With our analyser you will be able directly measure the pressure oscillation caused by auto-ignition, quantify it, and set your own safety limitations for knock amplitude

IMEP calculation

(represents net torque)

Mass fraction burned,

Combustion duration, rate of heat release calculation

Extreme durability:

IP67 rated CNC machined billet aluminium housing with MIL Spec connectors

CAN communication:

CA-6 sends all the essential cycle parameters (IMEP, MFB5, MFB50, MFB95, Peak pressure, Knock peak) to external loggers over CAN

People who trust us:

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